Although I first started shooting in 2008 under the brand name that became L Silver Photography, I only recently created a separate entity for boudoir which began in 2014. I hosted 3 boudoir events in 2014 and 3 more in 2015, in addition to having a temporary studio space for the second half of 2015. I am looking forward to continuing to host boudoir events in the upcoming years with the addition of a 2nd photographer and potentially a hair & makeup artist.
The Silver Visions Boudoir brand is a small one, but I hope that you will see the value in my work as those that I have shot with have. There are many choices when looking for a boudoir photographer, so I thank you for your consideration. I am based in Nashville, Tennessee and can be reached best on Facebook if you’d like to book a boudoir photo session or have any questions!